As I navigate the many roads of my journey through this amazing life, there are certain principles that keep me going when I get weary. One of those is my own personal belief that absolutely every moment of our lives happens for a reason. This is NOT to analyze whether our lives are completely planned from the beginning, or totally random chance, or somewhere in between. But only to say that there is nothing insignificant, even though at times it may seem so.

I believe so deeply in this principle that faith in it now ALMOST comes to me innately–almost.

Lately my journey has been rooted in the true process of life. I have trained myself to KNOW with absolute certainty that if we’re among the fortunate, our lives do ultimately have a process–we are created, we are born, we are children, young adults, adults, middle aged, retired, elderly, & eventually we pass on to something bigger and better. In the sorrow of the end, we find joy in looking back over the process and remembering all the wonderful things that have made up the life.

But sometimes there is a “monkey wrench”–a breath stealing monkey wrench to remind us that each and every person’s process is different and no two play out the same way. We can’t get passive with life. Our life is for us to live, not to be a life that “lives us”. We navigate the universe with very little control over it’s breadth and scope and depth. Strength is in knowing that we are proactively living it. In so doing, we avoid the feelings of powerlessness that come with the rocky parts of the journey.

I thought I had a handle on this leg of the journey. But the proverbial monkey wrench lands and a new road in the journey suddenly opens. I find that I am stronger than I thought I was. The energy that flows through family and friendship contains a life force all it’s own. And so the journey continues…

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