In every situation, in every “room”, there is a “temperature”. Not the kind created by sun or moon, heat or A/C.

With an effort not to be one to prejudge others, I have found that most human beings fall into one of the three title categories. “The Sponge” enters a situation and becomes whatever the situation dictates whether or not that is positive or negative. “The Wrecking Ball” enters the situation, takes whatever is going on and turns it into something it never needed to be; something negative. Often the sponge can very quickly become the wrecking ball. A pot hole to watch out for.

“The Thermostat” is one of the most important, and most challenging places to be in life. Not to state the obvious, but thermostats control temperature. If the room is comfortable, the thermostat is just hanging there being a part of things. If the temperature changes, the thermostat takes its predetermined guideline and maintains the comfortable temperature as closely as possible under any given circumstance.

Along my journey I have learned THE HARD WAY that being the thermostat is the way to keep the journey as smooth as possible. It is also most often the most difficult thing to be because it requires effort and a great deal of patience. I find that in my effort to remain the thermostat at all costs, some of my roads are longer than I’d like them to be. But at the end of each road I more often wind up in the place I wanted to be, even if that was harder and took longer.

It’s all about choice. I choose never to be the wrecking ball. It hurts me, but most importantly it hurts innocent victims. Even if it hurts those who might appear to so richly deserve it, in the end I have to walk away carrying with me the baggage I packed. I like my bags light and full of fun and great stuff, even if it takes longer to collect their contents.


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