Just a short message about what we, as a nation, are celebrating this weekend.

While this holiday is deeply rooted in American tradition, I believe what we are celebrating today, July 4, 2009, is the thousands of women and men who are serving our country right now in the largest military crisis of my generation.

Today, it doesn’t matter how we got to where we are. What matters is that we’re here, and there are amazing people in America doing their part in serving our country, along with all of the brave ones doing multiple tours overseas. I have a nephew who has done 2 tours in Iraq and is finishing up his 4 year tour in the Marines. The last months are hell…

Lance Corporal Sellers had some pretty substantial damage to the back of his truck. He’s been out in the desert for a month and a half; left his truck at the body shop to be repaired. When the Marines finally cut him loose for his “96” (leave after deployment) he went to pick up his truck.

The body shop owner had done fabulous work on the truck! Replaced the whole tailgate he was only supposed to repair, and replaced the DODGE emblem beautifully. Clearly great care was taken in repairing Chris’s truck. The insurance deductible was $500. The guy told Chris not worry about the $500, and thanks for serving our country; and I believe he also gave him a certificate he can use to get it cleaned and waxed.

I hope somehow that guy reads this post. Maybe God will get him here. I believe he is in the Jacksonville, NC area near Camp Lejeune. Thank you, sir, for what you did for Chris and his wife, and their children. Thanks for what you did for America. I’m proud to be one of you.



  1. That is awesome, Laura. I am taking some on-line classes and am stuck in the early days of the country right now. It is amazing the change from when we were first learning about America. It was all about how great it was and all the people who contributed. Now its all about those who did wrong and all the people who were so awful. I'm thinking there should be a happy medium. Thanks for a better viewpoint and focus. Happy Fourth!

  2. I'm thinking you're right. As a country, we have to study our history or we are doomed to repeat it. But right now nobody is studying anything; they're just playing the "blame game", a nasty little game that I abhor in ANY situation but especially this one of grave importance to our country, a country which I personally love dearly. I believe we need to look at what we did you wrong, but FOCUS on what we can do to fix it. Thanks again so much for continuing to read. Happy 4th, Tracy! Enjoy!!

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