As most everyone in my life knows, we laid to rest my husband’s mom over the weekend.  No matter what the circumstance or our age, few things cut deeper than that.  We gathered in our home town and celebrated the long and wonderful life of a woman who was loved by all who had the good fortune to have known her.

Her road home was long and fraught with challenges, particularly in the past few years.  I’ve often found myself wondering why God…and then I stop, because I know that blaming or questioning God for anything is not what she would have done.  We don’t always get to see the reasons for things, but there are reasons for everything and occasionally, if we tune in, we get a small glimpse–a precious little hint that helps to keep things in perspective.

Addie was not the strong personality type that I am.  Maybe that’s why we got along so well.  But she was a very strong woman, and bright, and thoughtful.  She was a planner.  She was able to foresee that there might be a time coming when she would need a back-up.  I was honored to have been chosen for that job and when she gave it to me she made sure I would legally be able to do it; foresight that I will be forever grateful she possessed.  It was a job that was taxing at times, but I never once resented having been chosen. It kept me on my toes, kept me humble, showed me what I was truly made of, and taught me a wealth of things you cannot learn in books. 

I’m not sure if I did everything right; I guess I’ll never really know for sure.  I was FAR from perfect, but I always did the best I could because she made me want to do that even when it would have been easier to make different choices.  She led us by example. Now when I look in the mirror each day, I’m good with what I see looking back at me.  Addie and my mom are a lot alike in that way–always reminding us to do the best we can now so we don’t have regrets later, but always forgiving of our mistakes.

Thanks Addie, for raising a wonderful son and for shining your light in my life.  We will live on without regrets, better for having had you in our lives.  Say hi to Pop and Beethoven for us.  We miss you.


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