Sweet baby, Emma.
Sweet baby, Emma.

Welcome, Emma, to Wormald World.  Emma is a pug mix. She was picked up by Animal Control on December 1, 2012.  The first thing they did when they brought her in was try to vaccinate her.  That didn’t go well, so they labeled her “aggressive”.  They weren’t even going to try to place her.  Emma was going to be euthanized.   If you meet Emma, you will quickly come to see how utterly unbelievable that is.  She is so sweet and loving.  I think if I was starving and had spent my day being chased down, hooked, caged, and dragged into the pound by a dog catcher, I might be a little cranky when someone comes at me with a needle.

Emma was rescued from death row by Waldo’s Muttley Crew in Monrovia, IN.  Waldo’s is in the business of saving dogs’ lives–period.  If there is a ghost of a chance of finding a home for a dog, Waldo’s takes them–from anyone, anywhere.  If they don’t find a home they stay at Waldo’s, which is a pole barn on a huge piece of private property in a small rural Indiana community.  Emma is approximately 12 to 18 months old.  She had not been spayed and she wasn’t chipped, but by the time she had been with us for a day I could tell she had been someone’s house pet.  She knows the drill.  We’re still perfecting our potty training but she does pretty well.  She understands “no”, “down”, and “sit”.  She comes to the dinner table but she doesn’t beg.  She sits quietly at our feet.  Given the lack of basic veterinary care, I think she was probably dumped because someone couldn’t keep her.

It wasn’t that I didn’t understand before, but now that we’ve found Emma I have truly come to grasp the importance of taking in a rescue dog.  On our journey to find Emma I saw a lot of tiny baby puppies being adopted with lots of excitement, and knew in my heart that half of them will wind up in Emma’s paws within a year.  Puppies are so precious, until they start eating your couch.  A huge thanks to all my friends and co-workers who encouraged me to rescue.  Emma’s was a life worth saving.


Champion Chewer!
Champion Chewer!
The fox is history. What else you got?
The fox is history. What else you got?


Emma Sleepin'
Emma Sleepin’



  1. Emma is so beautiful. Congrats on finding the right dog instead of just any dog. We have a rescue dog too and he is awesome! Also, Hooray for writing again. I love hearing your stories.

    1. Thank you, Tracy! I always feel better when I’m writing. Lately I’ve had to resist the urge to opine at length about our worthless federal government. Doggy pics are so much more interesting! : )

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