My brother-in-law has been here for 3 weeks helping me care for his mom. His plane lifted off about an hour and a half ago. He’s going home to Nevada for 2 weeks to deal with his own life so that he can come back and help me for another 3 weeks. When you face down the owner of your company (in this economy!) with your union rep and contract in hand to get home to help out with your mom, you’re truly special.

When we find ourselves in this type of situation, if we’re blessed we discover many wonderful people who are willing to do whatever they can to help make things a little better; even if only for a couple of hours. Again, I am truly blessed. Yesterday my next door neighbor took my younger son to the Childrens’ Museum–one less kid for Robbie to watch. I got to work all day again and it was FABULOUS! I came home exhausted. Those who help out for hours or a day are SO INCREDIBLE! They tend to feel like they’re not doing enough when, in fact, ANYTHING is enough and so greatly appreciated.

So it’s back to the 5 of us for a couple of weeks. Like the last 3 weeks, I’m sure these will fly by. The freedom has been incredible! My husband has come to fully understand that he must do as much as possible to make sure I get some freedom EVERY DAY. I don’t do so well with the “pigeon holed” thing. It’s just me. It’s why I dumped corporate America for the economical ups and downs of self employment.

I fully accept my commitment to my mother-in-law and that she needs someone with her at all times now. I’m learning to appreciate whatever amount of time I can get, whenever I can get it–GROWTH, CHANGE, GOOD 🙂

This is going to be fine. I can do this. I’ve been doing it for 4 months and I’m still standing. I’ll be standing when it’s over…


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  1. You are a very compassionate and strong woman. Your Mother-in-law is very lucky to have you. I will be sending lots of love and prayers your way

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