Laila and Ryan met the first day of kindergarten. I wasn’t there, but apparently something just clicked. They again landed in the same class in first grade. By the middle of the year it was my understanding that girls were jealous of Ryan and boys were jealous of Laila because it was always “Ryan and Laila”.

The two are really polar opposite. Ryan is very intense, VERY dramatic–gee, wonder who he inherited that from <= Laila is very quiet and soft-spoken. She can get to a place in Ryan I can't get to. When she's around, he's a better version of himself. How very wonderful! She's been with us since Thursday morning. It's Saturday night, she's reluctantly leaving in the morning.

It’s now time for 2nd great. At this point Laila’s mom and I are proactively trying to keep them together in school because they actually bring out the best in each other. They have made it to 2nd grade, still together.

Laila now comes to our house on a fairly regular basis. The girls in the neighborhood are all in snit about the whole thing. As far as Ryan’s concerned, if you’re not nice to Laila you are persona non grata.

There is an air between them. Something there isn’t really a word to describe. The greatest part about this story is that they get to reap all the benefits of “just clicking” without all the grown-up stuff tainted with sexual, cynical, situational problems that complicate everything. In my absolute belief that every single moment of our life has meaning, I believe God put those two in the same place at the same time.

This is not a marriage plan in the works! NEVER! I would never do that to my children! I’m very all about giving our children the tools to make their own (hopefully very good) choices. This is just about something special that is blessed with innocence. It’s really great to watch. Even our hosts this weekend were very intrigued and amused at how wonderful they are.

It happens sometimes, two people click. The rest is all about the journey…


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