Hospice care is THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING care I have ever seen in my life! I am coming to realize that there are many people eligible for it that have no idea. Medicare Covers Hospice at 100%. (from medicare.gov)

We adore our nurse, Linda Dolan, our aid, Lori, our social worker, John Newland. From the guys who have delivered furniture and equipment, to the med delivery folks, our respite volunteer Diana Kowalski–I have yet to meet anyone who was anything less than fabulous.

With Medicare picking up the tab, there are guidelines, and this is really meant to be done mostly at home. Medicare does provide for 5 days of “respite time” every couple of months or so. The patient goes to St. Vincent’s beautiful, peaceful hospice facility for 5 days so the family can catch their breath. They have been encouraging me for months to do it, but again with the family dynamics, I just couldn’t get there. It’s way past time…

Tomorrow she goes in the St Vincent Hospice “for a 5 day visit with Linda”. We pick her up Sunday morning. Linda handled the whole thing for/with us and did so flawlessly.

What I needed to have happen before I agreed to this has now finally happened. Everyone who needs to say good-bye, who needs to let her know that “it’s OK” has come from all over North America to do so. We all feel at peace with what we know is coming. We’re gearing up for the last leg of the journey. But I now know that if, by some small chance, she should pass while on this 5 day respite, everyone will be OK.

We have a great weekend of family fun planned. I will do only a limited amount of housework–maybe 2 hours! We are going to a private lake/weekend home of 50+ years, that belongs to dear friends of over a decade. It is fondly known as Hoot N Holler. : ) We can walk around in our jammies, or a bathing suit, read, eat, sleep, float, swim, fish–maybe I’ll join my sons on the rope swing–that would be new! We will be among those who know everything, require no explanations, and who love us. We’re really looking forward to it.

God, please watch over Addie and may your will be done.



  1. Laura,Have an awesome time, you all deserve it and Addy would want this for you. Hospice is an amazing group of people who love what they do and for them its all about having the best quality of life as long as you can. I will be thinking of you and your family. Have fun, make some great memories, recharge and come back refreshed.Love to you all,Tracy

  2. Hi Laura,I've been to the St. V Hospice, and it is beautiful! I hope Addie has a view of the lovely garden; I can tell she loves the out-of-doors. It's also a well-guarded secret that there are such loving caretakers such as hospice workers walking this earth. Most importantly, you and your family deserve as much fun as you can cram into your days of relaxation. Enjoy!! Let me know if I can do anything while you are gone–mail, etc. Love, Anita

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